How to choose what you want !

You must ask for what you want. If you have struggled all your life for the sake of others and because of the situations, you must then strive to grow out of those situations. When you have done that, you must make wise decisions of your choices to land into a place of happiness. The choices you make will determine what you receive back. There might be times when things won’t go the way you think they would, but you will know in your heart that it is the result of your choice and not any compromise.

If you choose to live your life, in the favor of making everyone else happy, you may be happy. You may have a perfect life, depending on the choices you make. You would however not know what would have happen if you made a different choice than what was expected for. You must realize and be clear about your thoughts and your expectations from life.

When you are taking some of the biggest decisions in your life, you must first get your head straight. You must sit calmly, get refreshed and talk to yourself. You must know what is that you truly want.

  • Is it something you are choosing just because someone else is living that way ?
  • Is it something you are choosing because you want to taste a difference ?
  • Is it something you are choosing as a matter of challenge ?

What ever might be your driving force you must realize that you must be true to yourself. You must let go of all the noises, vibrations, influences and be one with your own self.

You should listen to your heart and your mind. Your inner voice will guide you with a direction and if you feel that your thoughts are your own then you may listen to it. @way2heartblog

Future is never certain and the choices you make today based on what seems to right to you, might change with course of time. You just have to accept that you will live through every moment and you will fight for what’s worth. You must embrace life to the fullest.

I hope you make a wise choice.

How to make a tough decision

We all go through moments in life when we have to make a decision. When we have to choose from various options. It may be career, life, love, job, food and so on. It may be a simplest thing for which we may get confused to decide, like what to cook for dinner every day. It may also be a very important and serious decision to make, like flying to a foreign country. There are circumstances when we are at ease to make decision, while there are sometimes when we are in situation that manipulates our decision making power. Today I will take you through a ride of a simple logic to make decision. But let me tell you one thing clearly and get it very clear in your head, there is no perfect decision. Most of the times, it is only a good decision for yourself. Now that said and understood, lets take a situation and see how you can decide.

Say you are lady working in an IT firm and your spouse is in the same organization as well. He is due to get his Onsite Visa approved in few days, say mid of April. You have tried for a new job and you have a offer letter in hand, which makes you drop a resignation letter to your HR by end of March. However during the same time, since it is financial year end, you are eligible for annual hike which again is due by mid of April and the decision for the hike is going to be made by say 5th of April. So now you have to decide, whether or not you should resign from the current organization and if yes, when should you drop a resignation letter to your HR.

Great, sounds a tricky problem and many of us might go through such situations, given that life is so volatile nowadays and money is a big challenge, every decision we make has a big impact on our future. Yeah that is what goes through your head, when you are in such situation. So what is the first thing you should do. Take a deep breath, drink some juice and follow the below steps.

Life is all about possibilities and as I said, there is no perfect decision only a good enough choice for yourself. So do not try to find the best option from the above. A best option for someone may not be a good enough option for you. You may be trying to find what is the best option from the above, but at times there is no best option. Take an example, what is the best thing to have for breakfast – An apple or An orange. How do you compare an apple or an orange. I might like apple where as you might like orange. So it depends on our habits, likes, preference and priorities. Whatever that fits in your pocket and that makes you happy, choose that. Even if, for someone else it might be a worst option. It does not matter for you. You make a decision for yourself.

So placing all the possibilities, risks and consequences in order :

Possibility 1 – You put papers on Monday (Month end March) or You don’t put papers on Monday
Possibility 2 – Spouse gets onsite or Spouse does not get onsite
Possibility 3 – You get to fly with him or You do not get to fly with him
Possibility 4 – You get a individual visa for Mexico or You do not get a individual visa for Mexico

Now that you have got that written down, map all those one by one to say a flow chart and decide which one is the one that seems to make you the most happy.

Choosing the right career – Step 2

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