I am like an Egg

I am like an egg, possibly a good one. (Perspective)


I am in my natural and free state, very tough on the outside. I have the crust that takes care of all the evils and vibes from the outside world. If you manage to break my shell, you will find me runny and moist. I will not be able to hold my self, there would be a part of me that would still stay intact, but a lot of me would be formless. This would happen because you didn’t know how to handle me.


If you would have taken time to be with me like the boiling water in a vessel enclosed. If you take some moments and experience the warmth with me, you will come to know of a different form within me. I will now become a completely transformed individual who can be tough on the outside and solid on the inside. If you break past the hard crust, you will reach the soft part of my heart. You will discover a caring and nurturing being that didn’t exist when you break it untimely. If you be careful and get past my softness, you will reach to a point to know that I am made of an inner core. The core values and virtues that make me. The kind of being that comprises of a soul, you will find it to be vibrant and pious. You know for one that your time and patience was worth and you would be glad to have known what I am on the inside.


If you felt this was wonderful, then you should know that there is something more to it. If you can manage to prove the warmth in a way that I could be fertile and if you have the patience to let it bloom until all the time it needs, you will realize that I am capable of carrying a life on the inside. When you wait for the right time, life will break the shell from the inside and it will make way through the broken pieces to walk into the world. This will be knowing and experiencing me in the completeness of me.


I am like an egg, now it is on you if you break it untimely and run into an omelet or take time to boil and share the warmth to know the inner core or fertilize and stay till the end, when it unleashes from the inside to know the true me.


Love that wins through every situation

He was walking through the Wall Street carrying a bag in his hand, quickly making way through the crowd in the early morning of February. He was hungry so he went to grab a quick bite and as he walked past the corner of the street, he saw a poor old man. He was about to take a bite when he decided to give away his bread to the old man. He went to his work.

She was fighting her way through the crowd to grab a bite for the victims of the flood. She didn’t have food for the last three days and when she got piece of bread, she went to the corner of the colony built for the flood affected. She remembered him and tears rolled her cheek onto the bread. It tasted better than any other bread in her life.

In the evening, he got the results of the business consignment for which he was the lead presenter. They got a billion dollar contract and he got promoted to VP. He decided to meet her today. Her voice echoed in his head – “Meet me after an year“. She took a promise from him to contact only after a year. It was February 14, after a year.


She took all the pain in the world to see him happy. He kept his promise to make her happy.

He took a flight to her city and went to the place she used to live. He was shocked to see the destruction before his eyes and he was scared to death. He was worried about her. He went to the colony for the victims and inquired about her. He was redirected to the tent that shone in the moonlight.

When he went closer to the tent. She could sense his presence around her. She came out of the tent and she looked like an angel to him. He was standing before her and she was smiling like nothing ever happened. They both hugged each other and the kissed. The kiss lasted until the birds disturbed them in the sunlight.

Best friends for life

Throughout adulthood, it is easy to lose touch with old friends and it can be hard to develop new friendships. The digital age has complicated this process as well by changing the way friends interact. As phone calls have been exchanged by text messages and social media has replaced the need for face-to-face interaction, gatherings with friends often become fewer and farther between.

But there is growing evidence that genuine friendships may be very important in terms of your personal and professional life. Even as an adult, friends can have a big influence over how you feel, think and behave. Friends are likely to come and go throughout the seasons of your life. Job changes, moving to a new city, and becoming a parent are among the many things that may shift the friendships in your life. The demands of life and a busy career can move friends to the bottom of the priority list at times.

It may be wise however, to re-evaluate the role friends play in your life. If spending quality time with friends isn’t high on your to-do list, it may make sense to schedule a get-together sooner rather than later. After all, friends impact not just the quality of your life, but perhaps even the length of it.

You see we all have ups and downs. Life is like a sine wave. Our friends are also sine waves, funny isn’t it. Alright, so I have 2 friends (stupid, funny, irritating, idiotic, very smart, ethical, you name it and they have it 😛 ), who are really my counterparts in terms of emotional and fundamental thinking. So there is a day when I have to make one very important decision of life, one of them is there just to get my head clear. Below picture clears how the total sum of each of us is always greater and helps us be cool 🙂

Best Friends for Life – Mood Swings

If you observe carefully, each of us have a up and down cycle. But when we are together, at any point of time, there wouldn’t be a situation or event, that can make us down at the same. We have our limitations, troubles in life, but when we discuss everything seems to be possible. We fight, we hurt, we torture each other, but that is all just fun. We do not judge, we do not discourage, we do not take for granted, we care and more important of the all we evolve and grow together. We do not have the slightest amount of grudge or hatred. We might be angry for one another, but we never, never ever fall apart. We are stupid, we are smart. We talk quantum physics, we talk Doraemon, we go on tour and we support each other. Life is so cool, when we are around. We fall in love with someone when one of us approves and when love falls apart, one of us is there to ensure life still goes on in the right direction. The waveform completely summarizes what friends are and how things can be so cool.

You see, 2 friends are enough for a life time 🙂 Thank you for reading. Think who are your life time friends. You might have more than two then you are lucky. If you do not have one, then it might be time you make one. In the end, have some friends for life time. To the Friends. Cheers.