Wonders Park, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

Wonders Park, Park with replicas of the 7 wonders, near Nerul in Navi Mumbai is one of the best green locations in the vicinity for family outing.

Timings are 6AM to 12PM and 3PM to 9PM.

The entry fees is 35 Rs for adults and 20 Rs for kids.

It is closed on Mondays for cleaning and maintenance activity.

Highlights of the place are miniature versions of the 7 Wonders of the World, Amphitheater, Rides for kids, Grand chess board, Fountain, Seating areas and Food court.

Closest bus stop – Neelgiri Garden

Bus # 34 Juinagar Station-East (Herdilla Co.) Every 20 min
Bus # 31 Kopar Khairane Bus Depot Every 20 min
Bus # 38 Nerul Railway Station (E) Every 30 min
Bus # 61 Kalyan Railway Station 6:23
Closest Railway Station – Seawoods – Darave
Alternatively you can take trains till Nerul and take an auto from there or just stroll towards the park for 15 minutes.

Photo-story of the place.


How to spot the Planets in the sky with naked eye

With naked eye we can see 5 Planets –

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

Right now, from western part of India, near to the latitude – Tropic of Cancer – we can spot 4 of this planet between 6:30 PM IST to 7:30 PM IST here or there.

Last one week I am tracking the position and enjoying the view of this planets in the sky with different shades behind, as the sun goes below the horizon.

Venus is the brightest star, that usually appears first in the west sky. It is almost going down and will be in sky for the next 2 hours. It is so bright that it looks like a light bulb or a street light far off, as the darkness increases.

Right beside Venus a little higher in the sky towards a little bit left is the Jupiter. It is bright as well and in the last 6 months it has been in the sky. Earlier it used to rise, right after the Sun-set, now it stays in the sky 3-4 hours after the sunset.

Once you spot this 2 planets, you got to move towards your left and keep going on until you see equally bright star, which looks more or less like Venus, but a little bit of red shade, at least I feel it, since I keep looking at it knowing it is Mars, you might not feel so, but the brightness is noticeable and you will figure it out.

Move a little to the right again and the star that is like a little dot is Saturn, without any rays coming out, it will be difficult to spot on your own for the first time, but if you keep looking in the sky at dusk, you might see it before the other similarly sized stars come up in sky and then you get confused.

For ease of spotting it in the first week, I would suggest to use – Skyview App which works perfectly fine as you get a view of the sky from your camera and then the position of planets and stars shown on your screen overlay on the camera view. In few hours, you will get hold of the app and you will know the time of rise for Sun, Moon and other major planets, you can know the trajectory or the position of them and then you know the constellations and how to point. Basically you get the hold of sky.

Keep looking for few days and then you would know where the Planets are without the help of this App. At any point if you feel confused from a new location or at a different time if you look in sky, you can use this App.

I have been enjoying this experience a lot and would continue to sky gaze in the coming weeks.

Share you experience of sky-gazing or pick a moment when you enjoyed the most.

Yesterday I saw the perfect crescent and it was a wonderful experience altogether, tracking it for 3 hours.



Hope Vs Illusion

Hope is a wonderful thing. May be the only thing. With hope, you can go miles and far and deep. You may continue even when everything seems to be not going in the way they must. It is Hope, apart from fear, that has kept us humans to survive on this Earth longer than it was expected.

Illusion, on the other hand, is a beautiful thing when mixed with visual aspect of life, creates a magical effect. Illusion in life, can as well, keep you doing things without any logical explanation or a background. You continue to behold your belief in your own illusion that something will happen for the best.

What is the difference between Illusion and Hope then ?

Well, it’s in the origin of the both the emotions or feelings, that lies the difference.

Hope comes from the constant steady slow but continuous canvas of little steps and the past interactions you had in the subject, that leads to a strong belief system, where you have a thought that says that may be something is out there which will make it happen or something that you are completely unaware of, which will work out in the end.

Illusion on the other hand comes up with your own cooked story without validation of the truth or evaluation of the happening in the surrounding. It lacks the base of any logical explanation. It is more based on the assumptions rather than a belief system. It is something that builds up by a continuous hit of same thoughts on to yourself.

Is Illusion a bad thing than Hope ?

Well, again it doesn’t essentially make any difference until the event or a situation comes to a completion of to what was it originally. If you have a situation where you hoped nonetheless without any basis that in the end it will work out and if it does work out, then whether it was an illusion or a hope, wouldn’t make a difference altogether. It would only start to make any difference, when the results are different than what you expected.

Is Hope something we should continue even when the results are otherwise ?

Most of it is subjective to the person in picture and the event or subject one is dealing with. However as again since the time of evolution, Hope often close relative of Illusion, has done wonderful and impossible things like enabling us humans to cross a river, climb a mountain, walk for hours in desert, persist in a relationship for years, continue to work hard for our goals and even in the worst of a possible human situations like prisons or stuck in debris, this feeling of hope has led us to continue survive, perform and evolve.