Escape Point

Are you at ease with yourself?
Are you travel at a supersonic speed in your mind?
Are you at peace with your past experiences and encounters?

A lot of us nowadays are not living in the communities they are born and brought up. They go out for education, jobs, marriage or simply for better opportunities and life. In search for something better, smoother and comfortable the land in the city of unknown and from that moment on everything little thing changes.

There are a few souls within the confined boundaries of their life. It might seem they are the lucky ones, but that’s not the case. They are merely lucky for some time, while all the other times they are crushed between the thoughts of flying high, trying to fit it or making a mark. They travel between their thoughts of being in a dreamland vs being at home. They have friends who influence them with fashion, lifestyle, choices, habits and so on which never occurred to them. The TV influences them with the happening around the world. The smart phones have brought the world into their hands and the world they live and love, seems to be slipping out of their hands like sand. They cannot make out the difference between the real world and the comparative world inside their head. Hence they are constantly battling with their thoughts and most of the time they are irritated, frustrated or tired.

Dew Drops.jpg

So where ever you are and whatever you have been doing, are their times when you feel lonely, solitude, guilt, pain, anguish, nostalgia or are you stuck in the past at an event you are not able to pin down or have an explanation for. Does that sound like what you feel or what you see your friends feel. What do they do about it.
They watch lot of movies to spend their time?
Do they go on trekking or expeditions?
Do they keep themselves occupied with people all the time?
Are they clingy and argue all the time?

This is what I call as Escape Point.

When someone is not able to make peace with their past or their feelings, whether it be bitter, confused or irritating, they try to find some means to ease or divert their thoughts and they try to find some escape point. It can be different for everyone but the common point is they cannot let of something hence they cling on it which troubles them and so they need to escape from it.

And let me clear that is are not applicable the other way. I am not trying to say that everyone who goes on trekking is finding a escape point. There are a lot of them who have a passion for expeditions but few of them are actually trying to find or have actually found their escape point in expeditions.

So are you escaping from something?
Do you close your eyes and you travel at the speed of million miles per hour to run away from something?

Don’t try to escape from the past or a certain experience or event. Try to embrace it. Make it part of your life and eat the fruit. Once you are done with it, you will feel better. It might be real tough during the times you are making sense, but don’t fall pray to the escape point forever. You need to stand on your feet and love for who you are. You are much more within that can be seen from the outside. You can shine within that will enlighten what’s on the outside. You need to be firm in your thoughts and let the universe take the course of what’s not so good.

Love your life. Be who you are. Embrace your mistakes. Like your imperfections. Experience every moment in your life. Live in the NOW!


Laughing Girl

Can you buy happiness with money ? Is it true !

If you go to restaurants to have food with your family or friends and you enjoy,laugh and be happy.

You bought happiness with money ?


You are happy for a while but when u go back home nothing essentially changes You have kids who go to school. Your husband who needs to go to work. Your in-laws who say mean things to you. The cold n cough doesn’t go. The pain in knees doesn’t go. The anger on your nose doesn’t go. The bills you have to pay doesn’t get paid. The irritating boss is still the same. So everything is the way it was and all the problems in life still lie there. So what was it that u did in restaurant.

You tried to pause time and space to seek out the happiness you deserve ?

– Was it happiness ?
– Was it fake ?
– Was it delusion ?
– Was it self appreciation ?
– Was it a escape point ?
– Does it have secret for a greater good ?

What is the objective of being happy by spending a lot of your money when there is no change in your life ! Or is there some that is not visible to the naked eye ?


Single Point Of Failure – Happiness

“Do not invest your happiness in a single person or activity.”

What is SPOF ? Single point of failure is when you have an entity whose existence is dependent on only one object. Take an example of Power Supply. All electronic items which depend only on Power Supply, have SPOF. So when there is no Power Supply, that gadget wouldn’t work. So we introduced the concept of batteries and thanks to the invention, I am able to post this blog via a Laptop, having battery 😉

So this concept is very widely observed in IT and Electrical Industry. Every component in Data Center (IT) has a redundant node like servers, power switches, network switches, storage, power lines, network cards and so on. Similarly in Power Systems, they have multiple nodes for transformers, cables, switches, gears, UPS and so on. This redundancy is to ensure continuous supply so that there is no fluctuation at the end usage.

Similarly happiness is a part of our life driven by internal and external sources. If you are a saint, nun or pundit, then this post is not applicable to you, however if you are not one, then you may proceed. We depend on various things for our happiness. Some get happiness by doing their favorite habits. Some get happiness by helping others while others get happiness by accomplishing some targets. Happiness is an essential component of our life, when we fall short of happiness every thing in our life seems to be pale and tasteless. We cannot do some of the simplest things. Everything seems to be falling out of space. It is like the power supply, without it we stop working (not literally but yes almost we exist without being our self).

Now sometimes it happens that our source of happiness is externally driven. If it happens and you depend on some person for your happiness and if that person is the only person in your life who creates happiness, then you are a having a SPOF. If that is the case and by some reason you are not able to reach that person or if that person doesn’t happen to be in your life anymore, then you are in the trouble of losing your happiness for some time, may be for long, depending on the attachment you had. You might fall into a depression cycle and it might become too hard for you to come out of it.

So we can do the following in our life for continuous Happiness. We can have a mix of sources, internally and externally driven, for our happiness. Do some activity of your own which gives you happiness and follow it religiously. Have some great friends who are at equal importance for you, not more not less. At every point of your life, these friends will be the one, who will stand back and help you move forward.

Do not have a Single Point of Failure in your life!