Let’s Stop Fighting With Our Own Kind

I don’t know how it all got this way and if there was anything that someone could have done to avoid all the chaos. Every country is facing some or the other problem. There are issues related to environment, politics, people, religion and what not. You have hundreds of news  channels and every other week some new channel comes up. When you switch on, all you get to see is problems around the world.

Sometime back we used to fight with different countries. There was a time of kingdoms, when there used to be battles between kings and thousands of innocent soldiers buried in the sand. Today we guard our borders, the LOC, with thousands of soldiers working day and night for protecting the national security. They stand in heat, rain, mud, dirt, cold and every adverse situations so that people can live peacefully in the country. They are doing great job, but for whom ?

To those little tiny brains, who have got degrees in various departments but never did the size of their brain grow. Where is this all going with the advent of political impact in everyone’s life. Why a single statement by a dumbfounded person becomes a topic of discussion across the country. Why there are so many arguments, counters, jokes, videos revolving around every little thing that happens.

And if I for one moment, believe this may be for awareness, how long does this persist ? Just until the next hot topic comes in the market ?

Really is this all where we are taking ourselves to. Landing in a zone of total confusion, where all we do is pick up a random topic spread in the air, talk about it, hit like, share, comment and switch news channel to see what we like and then sleep.

What are we seeking with all this ? Is our education making us dumb ? Why do we hate people who talk different than us. Why do we hate people who eat different than us ? Where is this all hatred coming from. We never had this differences. We used to eat from the same plate and why do you want to suddenly eat in a different plate. Why do you want to cook in a different utensil. Why are you in your most pitiable state, fighting to have your own kitchen ? Why are not fighting for the country, but your own state ?

Why can’t you see that we are all from the same country. We are all humans. Why suddenly a borderline makes so much of importance. Why suddenly which political party I support becomes so important for you to be with me. Why all of sudden you ask me, where do I come from, which caste do I belong to.  Why does it suddenly make all the difference to you.

Why do speak of being intolerant when we were never taught of in our schools. Why can’t you listen to your heart and know that I care for you just as the same way you care for me. Why does it have to bother you what everyone else has to say.

When there are thousands sacrificing their lives so that we can be happy and peaceful, what are we doing with the protection and security received?

We are all Humans. We are all same. Don’t fight with your kind.
Don’t fight with your kind.

How to make peace with your past

If you have gone through any one of the following experience, then you should probably read this :
– Someone broke your heart
– Someone broke your trust
– You lost some great opportunity in life
– You made a biggest mistake of life
– You couldn’t stand up to someones expectation
– You are sad about some point in past
– You couldn’t achieve or clear any exam

Anything that seems to be troubling you at night. Something in the past that you are worried about.

We all know that past is in the past and one should forget it and move on in life.

How could one do that, when your heart has been cut into half. When your dreams have shattered.

You had worst experience in life of trusting someone and that person broke you into pieces that you can never get together again.

You can never trust someone again the same way. People say, give life a chance. You need to live in the present, forget about the past.

How could one do that, if the past is haunting you every single day. Every single moment, you feel it, happening over and over again.

You cannot control your mind, your emotions, that take control of you and you feel so depressed. You start to sweat. You cannot think clear.

You are now going into a dramatic stage of life.

Well, well, well enough of the problem description. That is what happens if you get stuck at some point in life and keep hitting the replay button.
Here is some small tricks and tips you can do, if you agree too. If you want to give yourself a chance, If you can just give it a one try, to live a happy life.
If you can let life make you help. If can let, the almighty help you. If only you let yourself a chance to see it clearly.
So welcome aboard. Drop of all your worries. Shred of all your burdens. Remove your gloves and glasses. BE NAKED!  Well not literally.
But let go all the thoughts of your past and give it a chance like a kid, who is just born. Fresh and Innocent.

OK, so what do you see now ? What is around you. What do you smell ? What do you hear ? This is life. Can you sense what is around you.
This the present. What are you doing ? Well you are reading this post! But given 5 minutes later, what are you going to do. What is that you do daily.
What is the one thing that troubles you at night before you sleep. Think about it now. What happened ? Is there anything you do about it but think ?
If thinking is all you can do and hit the replay button, then I would suggest you to think once in for all and think clear. Why do you keep thinking it over and over again. Was it your fault ? Are you the one to be blamed ? Did you not give good enough ? If so, well no worries buddy. May be you can do something good enough now.
Something that will over shadow your fault in past. Something that will truly make you happy today and tomorrow forever, that you will not think about the past.

If someone broke your heart, don’t worry. Think about what went wrong.

– If you are at fault. Love the world. Love the poor. Be you. Be kind. Wait for love to come back to you. Not that person, but the love that will make your life beautiful.

– If the other person has chosen for whatever reason to be away from you. Just forgive that person. May be it was not meant at all. May be it is just the way it is supposed to be. You cannot stop being a nice person. You cannot let bitterness intrude you and spread so much that you loose yourself. You be yourself. You are nice, be nice. If you are a jerk, be a jerk. But whatever happens, do not let the thoughts of that person haunt you, in a tragic way. Be happy about the memories. Make peace with the thoughts. Be cheerful about it.

If you made a biggest mistake of life. You ruined your life. Then well buddy, you do not need to worry about it. Take a step. One step at a time, what can you do to make it beautiful. Your life is in your hands, not your thoughts. If you think sad, bad and past, that will never change your present. You have do the tangibles. You have to something that is really affecting your life and not far from now, you will see that biggest mistake has taught you a biggest lesson of life and made you who you are. Think about the greatest people in life, you life. Don’t you think they made any mistake? They always do, but they never give up. They never back off. They be who they are and that’s what makes them successful. So cheer up buddy, Lets give it a try.

And everything that might be haunting you or something that is bothering you, please make peace with it and give life a new try. Hope you stop living in the past and enjoy the present to make your future beautiful.

Dream vs Luck

Why does it happen that some people keep on dreaming but never accomplish that ! We have always been said that “If you can dream big, then that big will happen in your life.” So why does it happen that someone who has been dreaming about something their whole life, yet doesn’t get it. Why ? Why !

Well it seems something is wrong. Let’s re-quote “If you can dream big and put your efforts to make it come true, only then that big will happen, for everything else that happens with others, is just pure sheer luck.”

Alex is great at his work and always focused on achieving his dream to fly to Paris. He aligns his work and tasks, so he gets promoted at work and finally goes to Paris. He also joins French classes, so that one day when he is there, he can enjoy to maximum. Well what happens, 5 years of continuous rigorous efforts, yet no outcome. Alex is broken and gives up his dreams. He manoeuvres onto a different journey.

Andrew is a very simple person and always had hard time at work. He was good at programming but somehow his worked forced him to work on Business Meetings. For 3 years he just had this fed up situation at work, but somehow kept going. Eventually the project decided to move him out for whatever reason they had and then Andrew was now free. Somehow things go in his favor, even though he doesn’t get the type of work he wants, he gets to work in Europe. Within a month, life changes from monotonous stupid work towards a journey of enthusiasm and excitement.

Sometimes, it is sheer luck or may be it is karma. You never know when you become Andrew or whatever you do you still be Alex.

Whether things go in your way or not, remember to do what is essential and be happy about it 🙂

There is always something that can be done in every adversity. Try to find that thing and keep doing it. Align your thoughts, tasks and your daily activity towards what you want to do and what brings you happiness. May be you will be the next lucky person. 😉

Problem is “LUCK” has only limited edition offers. It can not step into every door on the street. Luck just happens to have 10 coupons for a day or hour and if your door is open during that time, kaabooom you are the lucky person. So while as you work your butt off to get lucky, always remember to keep that ‘DOOR’ open for Luck.

Sometimes it might have leverage to give special coupons on Month ends or Xmas or New Year or any such special occasion, be happy to make luck see that you are the one who needs all the one help in a life time.

For everything else, there are always small things to keep you happy. Family, Friends and Food (*Fashion if you like it). Keep enjoying 🙂

Disclaimer : Alex and Andrew just clicked in my head. No resemblance to any real person and incident. If it matches, then it is sheer ‘coincidence’.