​We all have 😈demon😈 inside of us and
we are in constant battle with the 👿demon👿.

What you 👓see in mirror🖼️ determines
what you see in the people you love the most,
if you see a 👾demon👾 in them then
probably you will see a 👻demon👻 in you.

If you have faith in your 💝love💝
if you believe that you are true to your feelings
you are making a right choice
you want it to the extent that you need it
I don’t think there is anything
can stop you from getting that 💘love💘

There comes a point in every relationship where 💔breaking💔 away seems to be the best and easy option but whoever lives through it, experiences the best 💓feeling💓 of life.

Some of the amazing moments in life are often unplanned.

It’s not an obligation to give up something you 💗love💗 the most – given you have enough faith and strength and substance in your 💖love💖.

When rage takes over your pain, it becomes the reason for your happiness.

In adversity your true character 🎆shines🎆 out.

Often in times of adversity, the 🌞light🌞 within you 🌚fades🌚 off.

A lot of things in life are meaningless and often we 🏃run🏃behind things that are meaningless and short lived.

Once your ♥️heart♥️ is touched by an 👼angel👼, there is nothing much a 👹devil😈 can do to disturb you.

All the goodness you project in parts will reflect back in full.


This post is a part of Quote series containing the lessons of life, motivational, inspirational statements I have written from time to time in my life.

Mysore Palace

One of the top attractions in Mysore and a major tourist spot – The Palace of King Wadiyar

As history goes there used to be a palace in this place which got down into ashes because of fire and the current palace was built by King Wadiyar. The palace is now open to public as a museum and you can visit this place with children. It will take anywhere between 4 to 6 hours depending on your interest and speed to cover the entire palace.

The Palace of Mysore

The Entrance Gate

Belum Caves – Anantapur, AP

The second longest natural caves in India. This is a stretch of 3km of natural caves born by thousands of years of water flow which has now dried up leading to beautiful mesmerizing layers of rocky caves. It feels like a dream or a movie set craved so perfectly. Nature often amuses us with its pixel perfect craftsmanship.

Belum is around 70km from Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh. You can reach Anantapur from Bengaluru, by road or rail, which takes around 3 to 4 hours. This place is taken care of by AP tourism and is neatly managed. There is not much facility for food or water, so please carry your supplies.

The depth and the stretch is very wide and around 1.5km of the caves is open for tourism. If you are a patient suffering from any diseases like asthama, heart disease or likewise, please take proper care or avoid going into deep points. A normal healthy person feels heavy breath and suffers a lot of precipitation. At certain corners in the inside it is very difficult to breath.

Here are some photos.

The surrounding places to be visited includes the mysterious hanging temple of The Lepakshi and The largest Nandi Sculpture.