Why good people suffer more ! Or Do they ?

How can you not be serious about your own life?

Morality is a less discussed subject.

If God was there, why do good people have to suffer. Why do bad people get away easily.

Well then some say, that the bad is not dealt until it has surpassed the threshold. Because the path of unjust and unfair means leads to destruction and everyone seems to avoid it, even the Gods. While on the other hand the path of being good and doing good leads to a world of harmony and the greater good, giving you a leverage of happiness here and chances of afterlife without any troubles. Hence you must be tested and put through all the tough situations to ensure you deserve what you are about to be given. And those that you see having a peaceful and happy life, getting everything that they deserve, may be it’s their afterlife and they are reaping the benefits of the good they did back then.

And for you, may be you are given a second chance to prove your worth or for that matter your hundredth chance, before being sent down to the channel of unknown.

But you may argue – what if there was no afterlife ! What if we are all dupped psychologically to believe and live in a hope of afterlife.

Then so be it. Consider there isn’t any. Because there is none who has come back from there and those who can go pass lives, wouldn’t be able to tell us. Even if they did tell us, we would consider such people cynical.

So let us consider that there is no afterlife. Then what must propel you to be good and do good. What should be your motivating factor.


Sun goes down every evening to come up next morning

Within the single life span, we experience lots of ups and down. We see things going out of our control and we gaining control of life. It is matter of time, when you feel like a gladiator and another time when you feel like the weakest person on the Earth. You don’t need a second life or afterlife to know who you are and what happens in your life guided by what you do and what you believe.

Your choices and your actions will guide what happens of you. So if you are suffering for being good, then you must know that it is your choice and you intend to be good because that is your inherent nature.


Breath Life and Life Breaths Back

When you feel that you are not able to breath properly you take some break and go in the open. You take deep breaths and try to fill your lungs with as much fresh air as you can and breath out slowly. If you didn’t do this ever, I recommend you try breathing in fresh air in the greenery or in open whenever you feel dizzy or drained out. Most of the time people tend to have tea, coffee, smoke or other things to calm their mind out from the load of work or life, but one the most simplest and easily accessible solution in everyone’s reach is breath in fresh air in the open.


Likewise there are situations in life when you feel you are stuck in it from all sides and there is no coming out of it. It’s like a bog you are sinking in. It may be something on the personal level or professional. Sometimes it has got to do with emotional or financial stuff. There is not more simple solution to complexities of life related love, relationships, responsibilities, job, finance, economics, politics and so on. But there is one thing that is in your hands and your thoughts can help you shape them.


Just like you go in the open space to get fresh air, you need to breath in fresh air about the circumstance you are in. You need to take a break from all the chaos and the vibes. Take away all the inputs you get from life and sit silently for sometime. Listen to your self. In the core of yourself you would know what you want and try to think about it. Do not bring in any thoughts from the world. You must have your own fresh thoughts and once you are sure about it, go pursue it.


It might seem very simple solution to the toughest problems of life, but if you keep trying it, it will soon become your habit and life will become cooler than ever like breathing in lung full of fresh Air.

Ask yourself – Stuck in the past ?


I have some interesting friends, who happen to experience some vivid incidents in life and they teach me a lot. I have this one friend, who doesn’t want to get married because of a breakup in the past and she is stuck to that moment in for lifetime. I am sure, you might have lot of such friends or you might be one yourself. I would like you to take some time and think about it. Why is that break up so hard to move on. Moving on not necessarily mean you have forgotten the past and you don’t consider it to be beautiful. Moving on is essential for living. When something has end like forever and you are sure there is nothing you can do about it, then you must surely look at exploring your life and embracing all good that is coming to your life.

But then she might say, there is not quite much happening in life and nothing exciting at all. I ask her and you, to consider this fact and think on this. Are you sure, that no good is happening because it is not happening or the reason is you ? Have you hold on all corners so tightly that nothing essentially ever happens. Are you sure, you are not the reason for a static life ! Do reconsider. At times, she says yes. I do not dwell any further in messing with thoughts and belief of my friends, so I let them decide what is good for them.

There are quite a number of interesting persons in my life who drive my thoughts and make me think about some acute things in life, which are missed by a lot of us. I started to think, whether they should be thinking the way they are. They seem to go along well and in the end everything turns out for good, isn’t it ? May be I am just stupid, to think wide and far about things in life. This is the way it is. But surely I would always ask anyone who has decided to do something in life out of some experience in past. Are you sure, you are not clouded by your experience in past, making a decision out of a filter ? You see, it is us who guide the course of our journey. It is some small decisions and beliefs we have, that drive us and make us who we are.

Next time when you feel, the whole world is coming down on you, because you are very nice and simple person, I would like you to reconsider the facts. Think about what is that you want, what is  that is happening and what is that you are stopping from happening. Never let anything that has made you sad, guide a decision you make. Never make an experience your weakness. Never let a person in your life, decide the course of your journey. Whoever it is, whether that person is whom you love a lot out of proportions or it is the person who has given you sadness forever and you hate him like anything. Be yourself, you know it from a lot of quotes. Now you know what they meant, be yourself, in every situation you are put through and go through. We live through good moments and learn through not so good moments.

Everything that happens with us has a purpose, we learn during the next set of journey. But if you do not let it happen, it would never. If you do not step into the next step, you would never realize what has life got you for. Someone might be a reason for a breakage, make sure you are not the person responsible for your demise. Look around, there is always someone who wants to care for you, your family, your friend or your silent lover. You might be hurt by one person, that doesn’t mean you never let someone else closure to you. May be yes this time you need to be cautious, more careful, but let things happens. Do not hold on to things very tightly.

To the most amazing friends out there.┬áTo the most simplest person out there. To the most caring girl out there. I have only one question for you. Ask yourself, why you are the way you are and are you sure, you are not the reason why things are not moving in your life. Are you not stopping yourself from being happy. May good times, flow into your life like a never ending river and you live the life you were destined to live. Sometimes, you are destined to change your believes and change your attitude. Just don’t be so good, that you hurt yourself forever.

Let me know what you think about this post and do you see anyone around you who is so. Thank you for reading.