Open Letter to The Chief Justice of India

Dear Mr. Chief Justice,

Good morning. I hope you are feeling good today. This letter is in regard to the episode of you feeling emotional in some meeting with the PM. I am not quite sure of what happened and what is the that made you feel emotional. If it was some dust in your eyes, that made tears roll down your cheeks. You see the media always sensationalizes everything and a common man like me cannot be sure of what happened unless present there and sometimes even when they are present.

So I chose to write to you directly to know what made you breakdown emotionally and if it all in the first place you were emotional. Media says you were overburden with the work on your shoulder. Is that correct ? We know there is a long pending work in the field on Justice and I understand that it is difficult to deal with all the issues related to Justice because what is just for one may be completely unjust in someone else eyes. And when you are given the responsibility of taking care of all the issues in the country and making a decision on them, it is but natural to feel overwhelmed and burdened. But does that mean one should feel emotional ? (Well I cannot wait to hear your response/feelings on that ) Even if that makes you emotional and breaks you down, what after you shed your tears? Do you feel empowered now ? Is there a new energy in your thoughts ?

Because I have heard them all say that when you share your pain with others it lightens your heart. I hope you feel lighter now.

I have read the President notes from one of his books, that he worked towards making Justice his primary agenda and planned on moving all the cases to digitization. What is the status on that ? Is that helping you or are you burdened with it ? Do I need to mention who was the President, if you didn’t have time to read books, then it was Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Again as I said I wouldn’t know what is the status of it unless you tell me. I don’t want to file an RTI nor I want to wait until you retire and write a book. I know you cannot speak while you are on position, but you need to device some means to talk to the new Gen Justice guys.

I have been reading The Republic by Plato and having a hard time reconciling what Socrates speaks of and what my own thoughts are. I cannot read more than 2-3 pages a day while I complete Chetan Bhagat books in few hours and JK Rowling’s book in a day. In a way I don’t mind you not knowing CB n JKR, but I believe you have read The Republic ! Have you ? Please tell me frankly !

When I read that, (I have not yet completed it yet) I realized it is very difficult to provide Justice and the notion of what is just and unjust totally changed for me. I started to think and see everything with eyes of Justice. Yes your eyes. My blood raged with everything I saw and my heart broke to see how people follow unfair means for their own benefits. Those very tiny little things about – not traveling without a ticket, an employer not paying salary and similar kind. Those tiny little issues compared to what you deal with, make me realized that notion of Justice is totally flawed in India and it is very difficult and risky to provide a ‘100% Fair n Just Decision to Everything’.

By then I understood the gravity of your life and started to appreciate how you tackle everything so wisely. But then this happened. All the noise in news about you becoming emotional. So I want to know what happened !

Are you eating food on time ?
Do you get time to listen to your favorite music ?
How often do you meet your grandchildren ?
How is your brother (Read Dalveer Bhandari, Internal Court of Justice) ? Do you happen to talk to him! Is he doing a good job there.
Do you go on vacation ?

I do not intend to challenge your capabilities and skills but I talk to you as a family member, as a grandson. As to whatever is happening in the family (country) you are a hope to what good can happen. You may feel sad, dejected broken, but you cannot stop. You have a vision and you need to implement that. I do not have the experience of life as much as you do and so I am not entitled to serve  Justice so soon. You cannot on the other hand wait for me go gain same conscience as you have and serve the country, because by then you will not be there any more. I am here and I can see you. Give me an example to live by for the rest of my life.

The media might not speak of the amazing work you do, but I will, even the tiny little thing you do, I will remember that and I will be inspired. All your grandchildren will be inspired to serve Justice in the right way.

And I want to you tell me in the reply to this letter, as I have spoken my heart out with genuine care and affection for you, what are your suggestions to me.

Thank you and take care of your health. See you soon.

One of your many grandsons
waiting for you
to become my hero !
~ Bhanu


Deonar Dumping Yard Fire Mumbai India

If you feel that there is no Environmental issue in your city, come take a look at Deonar Dumping Yard. There is smoke that is visible from satellite and where there is smoke there is fire. Let’s stop this fire from spreading into our city.

The Deonar dumping ground is a waste dumping ground or landfill in the city of Mumbai. Located in the city’s Deonar, an eastern suburb of the city, it is India’s oldest and largest dumping ground, set up in 1927. The dumping ground extends over 132 hectares and receives 5,500 metric tonnes of waste, 600 metric tonnes of silt and 25 tonnes of bio-medical waste daily.  The dump rises to around 114 ft. high. As of December 2014, the waste had reached the height of an 18-storeyed tower.  (Source : Wiki)

There has been reported news of repeated fire in this area, since Jan this year. When I saw the image of fire being captured by NASA satellite, I couldn’t stop wondering the scale of the issue of was.

Deonar Dumping Ground
Image Source : NASA Satellite

Last night my cab took a different route on the way back home and I came to realize what a big issue this fire (smoke) is now. When the cab entered the vicinity, I thought it was the usual foggy smoke that we see in Mumbai. Yes, this proves I was at a common acceptance that Mumbai was one of the polluted cities. But when it came right into the middle of the fog, I couldn’t stop asking the driver, what was this place. He said it was Deonar Dumping Zone. I said to myself, man how the hell people are living here. I couldn’t even breath for 2 minutes. It was not usual smoke, but very toxic dense smoke. The kind which burn your eyes and you tend to close your nose. From the windshield of the car, nothing was visible as far as 10 meters. This was continuous for around 2 km.

When I reached my place, I searched for Deonar Dumping Zone, as I was aware there was a fire few weeks back and I was wondering what was done about it and is this after smoke. There are places in world, where sometimes fire like this continue for days and months. I came to know in the last 2 months, there has been 3 fire incidents and the last one was 2 days back. I read lot of news which say that the fire has been put off and how the government and the MMC is trying to implement measures to control this. They are declaring this place as restricted zone and how modern methods will be used for waste management.

I am not going as to say anything to the government and the municipal corporation. All I have to say is to the people of Mumbai, the tourists and the Environmentalists. To the people of Mumbai, if you can reduce the use of plastics, by 1 per day for person in your house, that would bring down a huge amount of plastic in the city. There are times, when people feel, in the advent of Clean India movement, that the task is done by throwing the waste and plastic in the dustbin. I urge you to think, that not every waste is decomposable and the task is not just to throw the waste in dustbin and keep the city clean. Because however happy you feel by seeing the city clean in your vicinity, there is a mountain of dirt that is being collecting in the corner of the city and you are much responsible for the pile up than anyone else.

To the tourists of Mumbai, there isn’t much to say, but if you can try not to litter around and minimize/reduce the usage of plastic and other garbage it will be of great help to keep the city a tourist spot for the next few decades.

To the Environmentalists and the students of Waste Disposal Management, here is one challenging opportunity before you to prove what you can do for your city and the people. If you can device any approach to solve this problem, I am sure the municipality and government will be more than happy to implement it.

As much effort is being made to make India clean, waste must be equally treated at its best disposal. There will be a time, when this will impact everyone of us living in Mumbai and this are the signs of first stage of cancer in the form of fire in Deonar. If we do not take actions and steps against reducing our usage and solving the existing pile up, we will soon pay very high price. We will see more of similar incidents and then it will become a problem of everyone. Let us not wait for the catastrophe to occur. Let us cure this cancer before it is too late. Let us take some steps. Let us not just speak, but execute.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them in the comments below. I intend to take this further now. Your ideas and suggestions, may well be brought up to the concerned department.

Let’s Stop Fighting With Our Own Kind

I don’t know how it all got this way and if there was anything that someone could have done to avoid all the chaos. Every country is facing some or the other problem. There are issues related to environment, politics, people, religion and what not. You have hundreds of news  channels and every other week some new channel comes up. When you switch on, all you get to see is problems around the world.

Sometime back we used to fight with different countries. There was a time of kingdoms, when there used to be battles between kings and thousands of innocent soldiers buried in the sand. Today we guard our borders, the LOC, with thousands of soldiers working day and night for protecting the national security. They stand in heat, rain, mud, dirt, cold and every adverse situations so that people can live peacefully in the country. They are doing great job, but for whom ?

To those little tiny brains, who have got degrees in various departments but never did the size of their brain grow. Where is this all going with the advent of political impact in everyone’s life. Why a single statement by a dumbfounded person becomes a topic of discussion across the country. Why there are so many arguments, counters, jokes, videos revolving around every little thing that happens.

And if I for one moment, believe this may be for awareness, how long does this persist ? Just until the next hot topic comes in the market ?

Really is this all where we are taking ourselves to. Landing in a zone of total confusion, where all we do is pick up a random topic spread in the air, talk about it, hit like, share, comment and switch news channel to see what we like and then sleep.

What are we seeking with all this ? Is our education making us dumb ? Why do we hate people who talk different than us. Why do we hate people who eat different than us ? Where is this all hatred coming from. We never had this differences. We used to eat from the same plate and why do you want to suddenly eat in a different plate. Why do you want to cook in a different utensil. Why are you in your most pitiable state, fighting to have your own kitchen ? Why are not fighting for the country, but your own state ?

Why can’t you see that we are all from the same country. We are all humans. Why suddenly a borderline makes so much of importance. Why suddenly which political party I support becomes so important for you to be with me. Why all of sudden you ask me, where do I come from, which caste do I belong to.  Why does it suddenly make all the difference to you.

Why do speak of being intolerant when we were never taught of in our schools. Why can’t you listen to your heart and know that I care for you just as the same way you care for me. Why does it have to bother you what everyone else has to say.

When there are thousands sacrificing their lives so that we can be happy and peaceful, what are we doing with the protection and security received?

We are all Humans. We are all same. Don’t fight with your kind.
Don’t fight with your kind.