Stories of India – Passion

Passion in India is something your parents decide for you even before you know the meaning of that word.

Passion in India is something that your relatives force it upon you because tour cousin and neighbors have done great in that field and hence you must do the same to have a secure life.

Passion is something your trainer decides how and what you do it, even if you are good at some sports, you wouldn’t even think of it because there is no future in that sports. Well alas I wonder why we struggle to get a Gold Medal ?

Passion is something you should have so you earn a lot of money in the future and have a secured life.

Passion is something with which you should be able buy a house, car and other livelihood.

Passion is something you should have to be able to get married and weigh yourself in matrimonial procedurings.

Passion is something that defines you are a good egg even if you were supposed to be a plant.

Passion is totally on the wrong track.

Someone who is good at music is forced to become an engineer.

Someone who is good at sports is forced to take up college and work over.

Someone who is good at painting is forced to become someone else.

There are only a few who feel the passion in their heart and then choose to do it and continue to do it till the end of time.

If a guy is passionate to cook and if he is let to do so, he can become one of the best chef of town.

If a girl is passionate to become a naval officer and if she is let to do so, then she can become the best officer of the wing.

If when a kid develops the thoughts of compassion and wants to help people around her, if given enough encouragement and support, we can expect another Mother Teresa.

There are things that shape us when we are young. As humans we are now not at survival war in the jungle, but we have built our own survival laps. We run in the laps without reaching anywhere significantly.

Passion is a word that does not exist from where I come. And when it comes into existence it looses its original form and is merely a word to say but not felt within.

Very Simple Outlook to Life

Do one thing at a time. Do it gently and deliberately. Do it completely. Do less or to your capacity. Put space between things. Develop rituals. Designate time for certain things. Devote time to sitting. Smile and serve others. Make cleaning and cooking become meditation. Think about what is necessary. Live simply. This post is […]

How to deal with mean and negative feedback !

Most of the times it’s those who criticize you are the ones responsible for your growth.

If you observe carefully, then the people who support you in everything you say and carry the same thoughts as you, are not responsible for any exponential growth. They are responsible for considerable and consistent growth, but gradual and linear at the same time. As much as there is a need of few people who remind of your true self and your ideologies, you need as many people, if not more, who give constructive or negative criticism about you and your work.

Once in a while you will find someone walking out of the blue and saying very mean things to you. They might not be true, yet those words are spoken in the worst way to hurt you. You make an effort sometimes to make the person understand while the other times you let go of such mean experiences. Whether or not you tackled it right at that moment, those words stay with you for long. Those words hurt you, but at the same you contemplate over the things said and make your intent as well as your delivery stronger than ever. Your performance leaps ten folds, with the aggression and the efforts you carry. You make consistent efforts and increase your persistent and quality. Then you reach to a point of success.


You look back from the place you stand and all you see is people who made you feel special in the moments of your low and the only people who spoke of mean words and negative things to you.

Hence when some body approaches with mean weapons of words in their hand, make sure to keep your sword ready, not to cut them but to sharpen your sword.