Dynamic State of Life


There are various facets in life that we need to balance, depending on the age and circumstances we are in. Initially it is just Eat, Play, Study and Sleep for the kids. Then as we grow we include terms like Health, Career, Fun, Friends. As we grow even further into colleges and after that, we have terms like Jobs, Work, Love, Family, House, Finance, Budget coming into Life. Even further Marriage, Responsibility, Kids, Luxury, Money.

Every moment we have one or the other going out of balance and something going in a wonderful way. We are in a constant struggle or battle, if you may say, to keep all the facets floating above the zero line. Anything that goes below that, troubles us and we use our skills and resources to pull back them into place. It is the constant quest to excel in all the facets or dimensions if you may say. At times, we accept that somethings can’t be improved and we live with it. At other times everything seems to be going in order, without any efforts ( May the stars guide you! ) While most of the time, we consciously are making our way to ease out things and be happy.

The diagram represents the minimum higher level facets, that guide us to balanced in life. You may add as many as you want, depending on the time and phase you are in and then try to tweak it out. The best curve would be a circle floating at some level above the zero level. We always seek to achieve that curve and our goal is to keep it spinning and rising high with time. We want the circle to expand and go higher and higher. May you achieve what you seek.

There is a way that you can do as is the skill shown in making a Rumali Roti (a type of bread in India). As you see in the video below, the man exhibits a skillful way of flipping, twisting and floating the dough, high in the air and turning it into a perfect round shape. As he throws it higher, it keeps on making the dough larger. That is what we need to make with the dough given to us as LIFE. We need to make it larger and circular. If you try to stretch from any side or if you try to press any one side, the dough will not turn into a perfect Rumali Roti.

LIFE is a DOUGH given to you, learn the skill of making a RUMALI ROTI.