Love transforms !

Love is not when everything is going according to your plan

Love is when everything seems to be dark and you are in the middle of nowhere and it is raining heavily, you smile thinking about her how it makes all the difference

Because love is not about just sharing your money, bed, luxury or your best

Love is about uniting, developing, dissolving, caring, falling, rising, shining, evolving and being together even when all the odds are against you.

It’s about holding that hand even when the world seems to be coming down on you and you know next moment you might be a history yet you continue to hold because that’s how you want your history to be written, with her, in life and after life and everything in between !


Blessed in Love

Love is not about knowing who is right and who is wrong

Love is not about those Instagram posts with hearts

Love doesn’t always necessarily happen over CCD as the tag says

Love is about living through the conflicts and knowing why it is all worth it

Or even if you don’t know believing to the end of it wholeheartedly because it’s you and your love and your emotions.

Measure of Love ?

The simplest measure of your love is when you are angry – do you hit her ?

So come on
You haven’t yet come to a state of complete love

The measure of your love lies in that small step you take to make sure she never gets hurt.

Your love lies in that little gestures to make her feel special

Not because you read in some – 10 ways to make her feel better or
how to improve your love life

She is
And she will always be

To have chosen you
Over the 50 crore other possibilities !