Cling on to the Hope

We can’t deny what the truth is
We all live projections and dualities
Inside there is a deep complex web of thoughts
and feelings that keeps us
alive or scared or sad or hurt.

Cling all you can
For one day you will know
That if it was an anchor
Supposed to hold you tight
Or something that didn’t let you swim
For you might be born for the sea
When the pirate would come in your life
You will realize it all, the mermaid you are !




When you have strong emotions for someone whatever the name you may give to that emotions and the relationship, you will always push the limits to make that person happy and make that person feel special.

It is in the efforts that show how much that person matters to you and how much you value the presence of that person in your life.

Your silent and kind gestures make everything around you and that person feel like a blessing.

Your innocence to bring a smile on that person’s face is what counts and when that happens the world is a better place.


A Short Poem

You be the white swan
I will be the black swan
You be the lighting bolt
I will be thunder storm
You be the sunshine
I will be the moonlight
You be the Cinderella
I will be the Dark Knight