Medical searches on Google Now

We all know that Google does amazing work by doing those little things that make a difference. Google Search is among the most used applications/apps by Google and every time there is something new about it. Today I will talk about Medical searches on Google Search & Google Now and how they are making a difference. Google Health Cards are going to revolutionize the health industry in a way that has never been done.

We all know how prominent and user friendly Google Search is. If you type a question about some facts (e.g. Height of Mount Everest ) in Google Search, you can expect a direct answer to it. Then there are direct results regarding the scores, celebrities, movies and so on. You don’t have to go to any other page to get those connected details. You can browse on the Google Search, Google Instant, Google Now and Google Chrome enjoy the time spreading your knowledge.

Similarly Google has started a initiative about Medical searches on Google Search engine. When you type a medical term in the search bar, you will see a health information neatly arranged in two/three parts. You have the option to download as well.

I think this is a great feature for it serves humanity and it is very user-friendly. It loads quickly and you don’t have to go search a lot. Just type in the word and you get all the details neatly arranged. They have tie-up with various hospitals and all the information out there on the medical world, I think this is going to expand to a very huge feature pretty soon. You can read more about it here. Medical searches on Google.

If you have Google Now, you can just ask a question directly or speak the medical term and the results will be read out to you. On android devices you will have the best experience of this.

It brings me back to think about the FLU Trends, that started with Google Search.

I was going through the Google Flu trends and I was shocked to see that Google Flu Trends is no longer publishing current estimates, however the historic estimates are still available for download. Google estimated the flu trend in the initial days of its search engine and it could predict the onset of flu, based on the search trends. Eventually it went over toss though and in the last 3 years they have not been able to predict it very well. Eventually they decided to stop publishing the current estimates based on search patterns.  Read here what Google Flu Trend team has to say.

I think Medical searches is now a come back from Google, instead. Whatever the reasons are and what will be the results of this feature in the near future, I will always be loving Google for the amazing work they do for Humanity !


WhatsApp Secured End to End Message Encryption Feature Released

Did you see an encryption prompt in your message window on WhatsApp ! What does it mean ??? Don’t worry, here is what it is about.

Ever wondered about all the text containing important and sensitive data being exchanged on WhatsApp, was it secure? Well the solution is here now from WhatsApp !

WhatsApp is a popular messenger App used for staying connected with people and sharing text, media and documents with those in contacts. WhatsApp keeps updating various features every now and then. Most of the features are very useful and hence the popularity of the App. WhatsApp now released a secure end-to-end encryption feature for sending messages and calls. How can you verify that ? Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Update to the latest version of WhatsApp !
  • Send a message to your contact. You will see a prompt message generated informing about the new feature. Click on it !
  • You will be prompted with details. Click on Verify! If you want to know more about the feature click on Learn More.
  • It will land you to a Verify Security Code page. You have two option – either you scan the QR code of your contact from your mobile or your contact scans the QR code on your phone.
  • Once done you will see a Green Check. It is verified. You are good to exchange your information securely now.

Even WhatsApp wouldn’t know what you are talking or texting (atleast that’s what they say !)

In Simple Terms

WhatsApp is now like exchanging mails or visiting a bank website with a lock secured web address or more so simpler like the you see on this browser.securewp


What if your contact and you are not near to each other or at the same place or country ?What if you have a camera that is not efficient enough to pick the QR code ?

  • Just compare the very complicated number displayed on the Verify Screen.



Way2Heart Blog website does not claim or guarantee that all your texts and data are secured to the highest level, that they can never be hacked or tampered. User Discretion is advised before exchanging any sensitive details. All the rights to the App and copyrights rest with WhatsApp Inc. Screenshots are taken from my mobile !

Work With Heart

We all ponder about various things in life and one of the most often observed aspect of life over which lot of adults ponder and worry is : Work

When you work with your heart ♥, you might end up being very successful or you might end up making other people successful.

In either case, if you love what you do, you will be happy for most of the time. In case you become successful with your heart ♥ at work, then you will end up being the most jolly person in the town. If you end up making other people successful, you will be happy for most of the time, except when you come across that person travelling in BMW and you have to take an auto to work. But that would be momentary.

What is putting your heart ♥ at work and what do you get back from it ?

Work is something that you spend doing 1/3 of your life (8 hours from 24 hours) or more, depending on the kind of job you are into. So it naturally takes up a lot of space in your life, in your mind and your heart. Usually work is something we do with our mind and we work through the ladder of performance, excellence, politics, tactics, moves, choices, decisions and all the other adult stuff of life. It all goes well, until a day when you start wondering what do you get back from the work ?

That is when you realize, what is that your heart wants. Is your heart ♥ at work or is it just the mind ? When you find a job that you love and when you put your heart ♥ at work, people who are involved or affected by the work you do, will love you truly. You will excel in the work you do. When you put your heart ♥ at work, you treat your work like your girlfriend.

I have a little experience of the variety of work around the world, but with the limited amount of experience I have, I believe I have something to share here. In my first job, I did a tremendous job (not boasting) but really, I did my job very well. At a stage in time, I was dealing with the 3 industry leading companies and I used to be available on call almost 24 hours. This was not because I was being paid loads or I was being appreciated. It was all because I loved what I did. I had a complete different notion of the work I did and I used to take everything in a challenging way. I grew very skillful and it helped me move to next stage in life.

They never appreciated truly for the work I did. It was all frustration zone and most of the time it used to fill bitterness inside, but whenever I placed my fingers on the keyboard, it all used to feel worth. It was like kissing my girlfriend, being embraced in her arms and falling in love with her. That was how I was in love with technology. But then since you cannot stay in hell for long, even if your girlfriend is beside you, I chose to move on.

Then I found at my next job, people of different kind, who appreciated the knowledge I had and dedication I showed at my job. I was not doing anything different, in fact, I was doing lesser amount of job, but with same dedication and intention. They would appreciate every little thing I do and it boosted me to perform even better. I would propose solutions that were not in place and I would go ahead with various improvements for business.

What I realized eventually is, that when you do something with your heart, you might feel frustrated or disappointed with the results in the immediate future, but if you keep doing something with a clarity in your mind and if you keep grooming yourself, you will land into a place where you will be loved and appreciated for your work. This all though depends on the choices you make and a little bit of your luck.

You have to be careful of the deceptive people in the Industry, who would take due credit of your work and project it as their own. They would shine brighter in life, absorbing your light, making you fall into the depths of darkness. You must make sure, that the fuel you are using to burn and generate the light is not non-renewable (coal). You must either be a diamond cut through the experiences of life, to shine forever or you must be a Sun, to shine brighter every hour, burning on the inside for a million years. My name was my inspiration to unleash the immense amount of light out of me, so much that whatever they sucked out of me, I was never out of energy or light.

So I survived. I lived. I shined. I rose. I blossomed. I made it. I work with my heart ♥.