Beaches to visit in Pondicherry

Blue Sky and the Blue sea
Fisherman make his way swiftly through the waves.
Serenity Beach – Pondicherry
Clean Milky Water Beach Shore
The Tortoise Eye View of Beach
East Coast Sunrise at Rock Beach – Pondicherry
Dawn at Rock Beach
French Coffee at the French Town – Pondicherry
The splashes keeping on growing !

Beaches to visit in Pondicherry :

  • Serenity Beach
  • Auroville Beach
  • Rock Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Veerampattinam Beach

Travelling around Surat, Gujarat

One of many Flyover Bridges in Surat underneath passes a BRTS route.

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) Junction – Kharwar Nagar, Udhna

Flame of Life glowing bright as the Sun at Majuragate, Surat.

Beautifying the city at every corner, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)

Top notch Cardio Specialists equipped with world class medical equipments Mahavir Heart Hospital, Ring Road, Surat
Beautifying the city by SMC at Athwagate, Surat
Ushering of vehicles on Gaurav Path, Surat.
Two layered Flyover Bridge under construction
A Jewellery Shopping Centre, glittering like a jewel in itself
Junction of Flyover Bridge at Gaurav Path, Surat

Every signal stop made beautiful

Ambica Nitekan, the glorious temple of Amba Mata
Lushing greenery and rushing water – Fountain of Water at Athwagate, Surat
A typical coco with icecream !
Masjid at Udhna Darwaza
God made Man and Man made God.

Travelling around the city of Textile Markets, Diamonds, Flyover Bridge and Jari, I see the new face of Surat City. One of the fastest growing cities of India, Surat has done exceptionally well in maintaining the beauty of city.

The Surat Festival at Vanita Vishram, Athwagate

Pandavkada Waterfalls – Places to visit in Navi Mumbai

After a long break from blogging and travelling, I had a chance to explore and experience nature in the middle of Urban city – Navi Mumbai.

This place is restricted during certain times, due to high risk involved in the terrain and the stone falling from the top of hill. Please check before visiting and also ensure very high care while moving across the terrain.

The low stream of water while going upwards, might get overflow due to heavy rain. Keep a watch on the weather and measure your time to travel uphill and downhill.

Pandavkada Located in Khargar
Pandavkada Located in Khargar