Pause. See. Restart.

Arise. Awake. Stop not until thy goal is achieved.

And what after that? You get lost?

Take a pause in whatever you are doing. Even stop reading the post for a minute.


Now read.

You see when you take a conscious pause in whatever you are doing, you put efforts to see what’s happening in your surroundings and you come back to present world with your senses active.

We are driven by our subconscious in most of our daily activities. We don’t put a lot of efforts to sit in the couch and enjoy our favorite TV show. While browsing through internet most of the stuff we read or glance through, is not processed consciously.

We have been running a race in circle. Without an end line, we keep running in the laps, but even faster. We have no where to go.

So rather instead, don’t run blindly. Scoring a perfect GPA might not be something that you want.

Whatever you are running after in life 

  • Take a P.A.U.S.E
  • See. Observe. Record. Process.
  • Restart or Resume

Why good people suffer more ! Or Do they ?

How can you not be serious about your own life?

Morality is a less discussed subject.

If God was there, why do good people have to suffer. Why do bad people get away easily.

Well then some say, that the bad is not dealt until it has surpassed the threshold. Because the path of unjust and unfair means leads to destruction and everyone seems to avoid it, even the Gods. While on the other hand the path of being good and doing good leads to a world of harmony and the greater good, giving you a leverage of happiness here and chances of afterlife without any troubles. Hence you must be tested and put through all the tough situations to ensure you deserve what you are about to be given. And those that you see having a peaceful and happy life, getting everything that they deserve, may be it’s their afterlife and they are reaping the benefits of the good they did back then.

And for you, may be you are given a second chance to prove your worth or for that matter your hundredth chance, before being sent down to the channel of unknown.

But you may argue – what if there was no afterlife ! What if we are all dupped psychologically to believe and live in a hope of afterlife.

Then so be it. Consider there isn’t any. Because there is none who has come back from there and those who can go pass lives, wouldn’t be able to tell us. Even if they did tell us, we would consider such people cynical.

So let us consider that there is no afterlife. Then what must propel you to be good and do good. What should be your motivating factor.


Sun goes down every evening to come up next morning

Within the single life span, we experience lots of ups and down. We see things going out of our control and we gaining control of life. It is matter of time, when you feel like a gladiator and another time when you feel like the weakest person on the Earth. You don’t need a second life or afterlife to know who you are and what happens in your life guided by what you do and what you believe.

Your choices and your actions will guide what happens of you. So if you are suffering for being good, then you must know that it is your choice and you intend to be good because that is your inherent nature.

Life is just one of those infinite possibilities

Every possibility can happen and you cannot know of what led to an event unless that event happens. So you always track back but can’t never predict ahead !


You keep thinking about what is going to come in future and worry about something that is going to be the way you don’t like or want. Then you try to make an effort to change the course of journey. You twist and turn. You pull the rudder and hit it hard. You travel in a different direction and you reach to the shore. You stand at the shore wondering where you are and if this is where you wanted to be in the first place. You look back to the point where you didn’t wanted to be and the sky appears brighter than ever. You can see birds flying and you can sense life there, while where you are standing you can just see silence and darkness. You wonder if you did a mistake by hitting the rudder.


Well if this felt like what you have done most of the time. There is another person lying down in the beds of water, who didn’t try to change the course of the journey and hit hard the bottom at the end of waterfall. There is no more of that person.


Life is just one of those infinite possibilities. You feel as if you can control the future. You feel as if your past made what you are today. You can never be sure of anything, unless something has actually happened. Thinking over stuff is not going to help you, sometimes you have to just accept the way things are, while other times you have to choose to make a difference in your contour. Whatever you do, you will end up in a place you deserve to be. So be happy about it and make the best of this little life.