Blogging is a lifestyle | 7 years anniversary

Yay !

It’s been 7 years now, since I first started blogging. It has been humbling experience and changed the way I look at life. I have been able to narrate stories, share my observations and musings, write about culture, events and social stigmas. By choosing to blog, I have been able to think about various topics and express myself via my writing so other people can read and respond. It gave me an opportunity to connect to the world and also be able to hear new ideas and thoughts from people around the world.

It has made me organised, if I was already, then it has made me be able to go back to something in my idle time and write about it.

There are many subjects which often end up in my musings. The social stigmas, Culture, people, relationships and various other things that happen around us with people in general. I have been able to notice things and put them down in form of stories in my blog.

It has overall shaped my thinking about approaching things. Also I can go back to see what it was like few years back.

The users who end up on my blog from search engine has helped them in their quest from small things like booking a ticket to some more musings like if love can happen twice.

So to all the subscribers I have not been posting regularly, but that’s because of the situation life brings in. Thank you for reading my work and sharing your views on it.


Hope Vs Illusion

Hope is a wonderful thing. May be the only thing. With hope, you can go miles and far and deep. You may continue even when everything seems to be not going in the way they must. It is Hope, apart from fear, that has kept us humans to survive on this Earth longer than it was expected.

Illusion, on the other hand, is a beautiful thing when mixed with visual aspect of life, creates a magical effect. Illusion in life, can as well, keep you doing things without any logical explanation or a background. You continue to behold your belief in your own illusion that something will happen for the best.

What is the difference between Illusion and Hope then ?

Well, it’s in the origin of the both the emotions or feelings, that lies the difference.

Hope comes from the constant steady slow but continuous canvas of little steps and the past interactions you had in the subject, that leads to a strong belief system, where you have a thought that says that may be something is out there which will make it happen or something that you are completely unaware of, which will work out in the end.

Illusion on the other hand comes up with your own cooked story without validation of the truth or evaluation of the happening in the surrounding. It lacks the base of any logical explanation. It is more based on the assumptions rather than a belief system. It is something that builds up by a continuous hit of same thoughts on to yourself.

Is Illusion a bad thing than Hope ?

Well, again it doesn’t essentially make any difference until the event or a situation comes to a completion of to what was it originally. If you have a situation where you hoped nonetheless without any basis that in the end it will work out and if it does work out, then whether it was an illusion or a hope, wouldn’t make a difference altogether. It would only start to make any difference, when the results are different than what you expected.

Is Hope something we should continue even when the results are otherwise ?

Most of it is subjective to the person in picture and the event or subject one is dealing with. However as again since the time of evolution, Hope often close relative of Illusion, has done wonderful and impossible things like enabling us humans to cross a river, climb a mountain, walk for hours in desert, persist in a relationship for years, continue to work hard for our goals and even in the worst of a possible human situations like prisons or stuck in debris, this feeling of hope has led us to continue survive, perform and evolve.

How historians reshape the truth

Let’s start with a question in our mind. Whatever we read about kings, queens, monuments, wars, battles, invasions that happened some 400+ years ago, are we sure about it ? How do we know if any of it is true ? Whether part of the story has not been manipulated ? Was the entire story manipulated ? What about incidents some 1000 years ago. Where is all the truth ? What is the truth ?Read More »