Love that wins through every situation

He was walking through the Wall Street carrying a bag in his hand, quickly making way through the crowd in the early morning of February. He was hungry so he went to grab a quick bite and as he walked past the corner of the street, he saw a poor old man. He was about to take a bite when he decided to give away his bread to the old man. He went to his work.

She was fighting her way through the crowd to grab a bite for the victims of the flood. She didn’t have food for the last three days and when she got piece of bread, she went to the corner of the colony built for the flood affected. She remembered him and tears rolled her cheek onto the bread. It tasted better than any other bread in her life.

In the evening, he got the results of the business consignment for which he was the lead presenter. They got a billion dollar contract and he got promoted to VP. He decided to meet her today. Her voice echoed in his head – “Meet me after an year“. She took a promise from him to contact only after a year. It was February 14, after a year.


She took all the pain in the world to see him happy. He kept his promise to make her happy.

He took a flight to her city and went to the place she used to live. He was shocked to see the destruction before his eyes and he was scared to death. He was worried about her. He went to the colony for the victims and inquired about her. He was redirected to the tent that shone in the moonlight.

When he went closer to the tent. She could sense his presence around her. She came out of the tent and she looked like an angel to him. He was standing before her and she was smiling like nothing ever happened. They both hugged each other and the kissed. The kiss lasted until the birds disturbed them in the sunlight.

26 thoughts on “Love that wins through every situation

    1. Why doesn’t it have the significance !

      It is the crux of the message I wanted to convey, that love transcends spaces and one step we make today, can reflect in our life or love, in some other place or some other time.

      The notion was, he offered bread to the poor and she got the bread in some other place. It was his love, that kept her alive.

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      1. Well his movies are normally based on love wins thru any situation types.. So if he sees this then probably he might build his next movie’s script based on your story …

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      2. Oh I see, well let’s just say I have a bigger script ready and I have a big picture of what should follow how. Any idea how to take it up to him ?

        I am ready to share it for free, if he donates to Akshayapatra or CRY.

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