Quotes Unleashed

If you think there is someone or something that is stopping from doing what you want to do then you need to know that the only person who is stopping you from doing that is YOURSELF !

You see the race and the challenge to do something different and providing variety, leads to a point where you loose the originality.

If things don’t happen the way you want them to happen, then it is your incapability to make them happen.

The pain that follows the failure of love is heart wrenching. That’s when you realise that Love is a matter of heart. You lose the taste of the food and the tune in the songs. You cannot pin down your emotions. You are gloomy and sad. Anguish of falling in love that was not meant to be is wrecking.

Rejection is a checkpoint in your life curve, some deal with it while others break in it !

I would like to thank Sayanti for the encouragement for 3 day quote challenge. I am not quite following the rules, but quotes are here and original 😎

12 thoughts on “Quotes Unleashed

  1. Wow, your quotes are perfectly written according to what you believe, which is everyone should conform to your quotes and reflect on it. Thank you for sharing your brilliant general perspective in life.

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  2. Hi Bhanu,quotes are very much unique and beautiful also. I like most the first quote. I also believe in that. Glad to nominate you for this challenge.

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