What are you exactly celebrating on International Women’s Day

I want to ask you one simple question – What are you exactly celebrating on Women’sΒ day ?

I mean I don’t have any clue apart from seeing all the blogs from amazing girls and ladies out here, posting their views, emotions and celebrations about Women’s Day. I see a lot of men, wishing or poetically expressing their gratitude towards fellow women. A lot of not so happening incidents and memories being shared, while at the same time many amazing experiences and wishes come along too. But again – I want to ask you one simple question – What are you exactly celebrating on Women’s day ? and WHY ?

I mean why do you need even a day, to remind yourself of the worth and importance women are for this culture and yourself. Why do you have to follow a hashtag for one day, that remind of the contribution they make. Why do you want to repeat doing the mistakes and shred off your doings by wishes or caring for them on this day. I feel it is similar to the people who go to religious places. They do all shorts of mis-doings all the year round and they take a path to pilgrimage or visit one of the famous holy shrine and ask GOD to forgive them for their sins, take a bath in the holy pond (river) and feel washed off all their doings. Is it what you are celebrating today ? To wash out all your doing you did from Last March till today ?

Alright I know you did, you refreshed, you had your moments and learning, you realized. You apologized, you wished, you cried, you celebrated and you felt great. Now what next, are you not repeating them again ? Will you be simply doing the same stuff again and wait for the next Women’s Day to celebrate, wish, post and wash your doings away ! Really ! But again I don’t have you to blame. I am just trying to understanding how does this help and if it really helps ? If so then how !

What are you celebrating on Women’s Day ?

One Day is not enough ! One Post is not enough ! One Gift is not enough !

You need to remember this fact and measure your doing every single time. You need to make it a part of your life and your nature, that you need to respect Women and you need to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution they make towards society and your life. If you can do that, then there would be no need to even celebrate a day like this. Part of the reason, I don’t like this, because from both the side, they intrinsically accept the fact, that all that you do is alright, if you can be sorry for one day and then you can repeat it again. Really ! Is that what you seek ?

It is not that everything is doomed around us. A lot of amazing things happen around us every day. Every day, we see examples and listen stories of amazing people trying to make a difference. If you are one of those kind, I salute. But if you are not, if you give your Wife a wonderful diamond necklace on Women’s Day and next week, you end up treating her like a she owes for life time and she is your slave. Not Fair Bro ! Your diamond necklace, doesn’t cost her lifetime. And to miss Lady, if you are so hypersensitive that a diamond necklace, can make you happy for a day and everything else doesn’t matter, then I am sorry to say this, but you are the reason and no one else.

It might sound rude to say, but I am talking about only those category of people who want to imbibe the same policy they follow while going to temples or holy shrines. How they cannot eat meat on Saturday because they follow a particular God, but they can eat for the next 6 days. How they cannot do something on a particular day, because they are sacredly following a principle, but how that principle becomes ineffectiveΒ on the other days. If you want to do the same by doing some good on one day and forget about it for the next 364 days, well then you are shamed in the world of fairness and ethics. May be your religious protocols might take you to heaven, after your dip in the pond, may be you will get a lot of likes for your post on Women’s Day, may be you will get lot’s of appreciation for your Gift on that day, but I feel pity about it all.

If something has to change, if something really is the need of the hour, then it is in the fact that Women need to realize that their worth suddenly doesn’t have to shoot Β 1000 folds on 8th March and then collapse back to where it was next week.

So, I ask you the question again –Β What are you exactly celebrating on Women’s Day ?


21 thoughts on “What are you exactly celebrating on International Women’s Day

      1. Cool. I remember from your pen icon πŸ™‚

        It shows the power you have.

        I liked many of your posts and your writing is amazing πŸ™‚


      1. Yes. I know. There was only one why I believe, that was for the person in question.

        I don’t muse over why πŸ˜›
        I have it figured already.
        I am looking over what n how’s in life.


  1. Very nicely expressed!! πŸ™‚ While we wonder why women need a day to celebrate? It can be stated for obvious reasons. I’m not sure about the materialistic things used for celebrating this day but I feel for the following reasons:
    The fact that there is a women’s day implies women still strive for equality. Because they are still treated as the fairer species on the planet. Because people still consider the need for a day to give credit to all the good things women do and remind the other gender to respect them.
    I like the way you drew the comparison with holy dip and questioned about how does it matter after this day! It does not matter as long as there is no need for women to be reminded that they should be respected for their sacrifices. The same goes to any other day like mother’s day/ father’s day. May be all these days are the world’s way of just ‘reminding’ how special people are and we take a moment to appreciate from our busy lives!

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    1. Yes, that’s the purpose, but I wonder, how much effective it is and how well it is followed. It should not become like a habit of doing it for a day and forget it for the rest of the calendar ! Right ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I very much agree! That’s the problem with the world. If these are done everyday, then we do not need a day to be reminded about it. Just like taking a holy dip for a day and continue doing sins for the rest of your life! It does not work that way, but sadly, that’s how the world is!

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